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Mull & Iona Food Trail

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There are many places in Scotland that would lay claim to being its foodie capital, in truth there are Michelin starred restaurants to be found all over the country and fresh produce available in even the smallest of villages. With such a wide variety of choice what is a holidaying foodie to do? A new food trail launching this summer has the answer and at the same time will attempt to establish Mull and Iona as Scotland’s new culinary hotspot.  

Venison is for everyone!

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Venison has a bit of a reputation. It’s hard for most people to divorce its image from associations with the Scottish gentry. It conjures up images of banquets, royalty and elaborate formal dining, but it doesn’t have to be like this. I firmly believe that venison should be for everyone, so in an attempt to reclaim it for the masses I have here a recipe for something that sums up, for me, the very opposite of haute cuisine. Something that is unpretentious, wholesome, but at the same time still very tasty.  

Orkney/Orcadian Clapshot or Clapshaw

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Clapshot is a seriously versatile dish. It can be eaten as a main, a side, with or without onions and a whole host of other things could be added to make your own creation. Regardless of how, it is certainly quick, easy and comforting.  

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