Explore the Outer Hebrides

Take the Calmac ferry and you reach the Outer Hebrides. Nowhere will you find such beauty and so much to do packed into one space! The Isle of Lewis, of course, was the setting for Peter Mays trilogy, and the world was enthralled with stories of Black Houses, Callanish Standing Stones, vast deserted beaches, the Lewis Chessmen and … ehm … peat bog men!

Lewis has such a high number of gorgeous sandy beaches, that there are 24 on the Uig peninsula alone! So when you’re done visiting historical attractions, sampling the fresh seafood, gawping at the scenery, chatting to the locals and visiting the stones, you won’t be stuck for somewhere to relax.

Harris is south of Lewis, yet attached. It has two distinct landscapes. One being the west coast with its sandy beaches and far reaching views to the castaway island of Taransay and the Golden Road of the east coast, often likened to a lunar landscape due to the way the rocks seem to shine in the sun.

When travelling around Lewis and Harris, do watch out for the Tweed weavers, tucked away in their garden sheds, working on their small looms. (We aren’t kidding!)

The Uists are all about the sea! North and South Uist offer ample opportunities to sample locally caught seafood, go kayaking, fishing and lose yourself in the most spectacular sunsets! Sandy beaches, ancient sites and monuments all add to the mystery of these islands. There are some abandoned islands off the coast and, if you can get someone to take you in their boat, you may never experience somewhere quite so earie…. How would you fare when walking to an abandoned house and the seals start to follow you…

A little further and you can get to Barra which has the only airport in the world which has scheduled flights landing on a beach. And of course, is dependent on the tides and wandering sheep!  Many people actually take the flight from Glasgow to Barra and back again – just to say they’ve done it! The scenery as you look down is out of this world – but we recommend booking in and staying a while.