The Importance of Social Media Marketing & SEO

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Why is Social Media Marketing important to you?

Unfortunately, it is not just a case of typing a couple of lines and letting the customers flood in.  It takes hard work, a lot of thought and a lot of time.  People are reluctant to pay for social media, thinking it’s free so why bother paying for promotion.  To a certain extent this is right, but Facebook and Twitter are businesses in their own right and have staff to pay, software to constantly develop and their own bills to pay.  They’ve set up a wealth of information that ‘for a price’ they’ll share, which means you can target particular sectors of their users for particular phrases, geographical locations, interests, even how old they are – and they are not going to give that away for free are they?!

You may have attended a free session, or even paid for training and are yet to see a difference.  Group classes are great to get you started, but they aren’t specific to your business and often these courses are run by people with no expert knowledge or training, but have just found the tools that work for their business and want to share their knowledge.

Specific social media training on a one to one basis, good SEO (we’ll come to that later) and a well-designed website are all crucial to the promotion of your brand.  When you’ve got such a good product why wouldn’t you want to promote it properly?  You’d be surprised…

Reaching customers is not just about posting pictures of kittens (unless you run a cattery) and food (unappetising unless done professionally).  It’s about making your page shareworthy, interesting and relevant to your business, not ‘salesy’ and most of all full of posts that engage people and get them talking.

So, we’ve mentioned SEO (we know, we know – us too!) this is something we are not all that clued up on which is why we pay the professionals.  Our (basic) understanding of SEO and web promotion is that the aim is to make sure your website is ticking all of the boxes and jumping through as many of the hoops that Google put in your way.  There are some big no no’s, such as not repeating text on your website across lots of different pages or your website gets penalised, or that Google look at your site and decrease or increase your exposure based on a million and one things.  Things you and we have no idea about; in fact, before we really mess this up, here’s something from twofentons in Grantown on Spey who are top of their field:

“SEO shouldn’t be seen as frightening, complicated or a dark art.  It’s actually logical, time consuming and obvious most of the time.  Google particularly change things frequently, all in an effort to stop the enormous amount of spam websites out there and of course to make sure that when any of us do a search in Google that we are presented with relevant results.  For example if you searched for ‘diet coke’ and ‘fanta’ kept coming up in the search results, even though it is a fizzy drink it is not actually relevant to your search.  It is our job to find the most relevant search terms alongside making sure they are achievable.  If you are an hotel, you may want to rank for the word ‘hotel’ but actually, why put yourself up against the gazillion hotels across the globe?  You are far better aiming for (and hopefully achieving) a high ranking for the term ‘hotel in the Scottish Highlands’.

We all get 100s of emails saying ‘guaranteed number 1 ranking on Google’, or, our favourite, ‘free SEO’.  Why should you avoid them?  Because they aren’t worth the time it takes to read the email.”

We use twofentons for our own web management and they recently re-designed, optimised and generally fiddled with the website and the changes have made a huge difference to our traffic.  In turn, this has led to a difference in our advertisers traffic.  twofentons are a rare breed of techy experts – they speak our language (simple) explain things so we follow and are genuinely nice people.  We know…. weird!

So, here are the big questions:

What does True Highlands Marketing offer?

Professional training should not confuse you, not leave you feeling out of your depth and certainly not leave you feeling you can’t do it.  Our training is professional and enables you to run your own social media effectively and increase sales because it is tailored to your specific business.

We can assist with social media marketing page management which basically means we can run your social media for you.  This does require input from you such as photos but we manage it all and create the content – ideal for those who simply don’t have the time.

Why should you engage True Highlands Marketing?

We have had professional training ourselves and carry out extensive ongoing training.  Social media changes daily and we are straight forward in our training and can explain it to you at a level you set.  We are a small business and want you, as another small business, to succeed.

Catherine, the owner of the business, was recently identified by Facebook, out of millions of pages, as being exceptional and they asked for an interview, you can read it here.  Embarrassed as she is when promoting this, it is no small thing and certain proof that she excels in her field.  You can also read feedback from some businesses we’ve helped at True Highlands Marketing.

Unfortunately, both social media and SEO are fields in which many amateurs with a basic knowledge call themselves experts.  This means it’s hard for those with the real skills to be taken seriously.  We would simply advise you to ask for a current list of clients, read the reviews and listen to yourself.  Do you think you could work with them on a personal level?  If it isn’t making sense, it isn’t because it’s too complicated for you, it’s because you are not having it explained to you by someone who understands it themselves.

Drop us a line if you’re keen to learn more, we’d love to help you make the best of your business.  Our biggest reward is when our clients tell us they made a sale because of something they learnt to do during one of our training sessions!


twofentons – http://www.twofentons.comus@twofentons.com

True Highlands – https://www.truehighlands.comhello@truehighlands.com

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