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Getting married in Scotland is a truly magical experience. Whether it’s beside a loch, in a church, on top of a mountain or in a ruined castle – the day is yours to design. Write your own fairy tale and create memories to cherish forever.

How do I get married in Scotland?

There are of course a few form to be filled out and all the technical information you require can be found on a very helpful Getting Married in Scotland page here: The Boring Bits

You must both complete the marriage notice form (no surprise weddings allowed) and send to the registrar in the district you intend to get married, 12 weeks prior to the marriage date. At the absolute latest, this must be with them 29 days prior, or the wedding could be postponed.

If you are choosing a religious marriage, you will need to make contact with the local minister, who will want to meet you and may ask that you attend the church, at least once. However, a minister can marry you anywhere, not just in church, and may be willing to do this. Although, I’m not sure too many would be happy with jumping out of a plane – but you never know!

For a humanist/celebrant wedding you would use someone such as Heart & Soul Ceremonies who are happy to marry you almost anywhere. On a beach, at a castle – even on top of a mountain! This type of wedding is becoming more and more popular as it allows you to really be involved in the actual ceremony and make your day truly unique and meaningful to you as a couple.


Pagan weddings are also very popular and again, a humanist or celebrant can arrange this hand-fasting for you.

Where can I get married in Scotland?

Absolutely anywhere is the answer to that! Well, providing the person carrying out the ceremony is happy with it – and it’s legal!

Popular wedding venues include castles, waterfalls, churches, ruined chapels, mountains and gardens. Another very popular venue is a private house or estates such as Alladale Wilderness Reserve where you can hire the accommodation and venue all in one and have a relaxed wedding for close family and friends.


Who can get married in Scotland?

Well of course you have to be un-married or divorced but other than that, as long as you can legally get married – go for it! And that now includes same sex marriages. You can also change from a civil partnership to married one.

As for age – it is still legal to get married in Scotland at 16, without parental consent. This particular law made Gretna Green the most popular place to get married in Scotland. Young adults would elope to Scotland, make a mad dash over the border and tie the knot, before parents knew what had happened!

Making your wedding day unique

Of course, your day will be unique to you and special regardless of what you arrange.

However, what would a Scottish wedding be without a piper to see you down the aisle! Ali Turner will travel anywhere in the world to play for you and has even played to royalty.

Your rings are something you will see every day for the rest of your lives. Why not have them hand-made by Love from Skye or Duncan House who offer something no-one else will have.

It is not compulsory to wear a big white dress and A’nead Knitwear can make you the most exquisite cobweb lace shawl or veil for your big day. But do give lots of notice, as they take a long time to create. Then use it for a christening or pass to another family member.


And for the men – you are allowed to wear a kilt, even if you’re not Scottish. Speak to a hire shop and they can advise on the different tartans available to you. It would not be the done thing to choose a clan tartan, but there are lots of others available. If choosing a kilt, it would be the done thing to be a “True Scotsman”. 😉


The day would not be complete without a specialist wedding photographer such as Lynne Kennedy. Lynne is very flexible and has scaled mountains – literally – to capture the special day. Come rain, hail or shine, she will be with you every step of the way.

Where to stay

Each of our areas on the webs-site have an accommodation section and you can choose from a romantic Skye Hideaway a luxury Highland Retreat or maybe you prefer a quirky pod with hot tub and remote coastal location!

Whatever, wherever and whenever you choose – we hope you have the most amazing day and take away memories of the Highlands that keep you returning year after year. Congratulations!

All wedding photos copyright of Lynne Kennedy Photography

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