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The story of Imbolc (and the Groundhog!)

Posted by True Highlands in Kit and Caboodle | 5 comments


As (True) Highlanders we are shaped by many things. Our shared history, traditions and culture have, for better or worse, played a large part in defining who we really are. On the eve of Imbolc as we gaze behind us and consider the rituals of the past, it’s only natural to consider whether these ancient traditions have a place in the modern world. Students of history commonly remark about how they study the past in order to better understand the present, so, if we look at Imbolc, what does it tell us about where we are now?  

Scottish Halloween Traditions

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Scotland has a rich and varied Halloween tradition. Over the years, traditional pagan rituals have largely been forgotten or adapted by the Christian church, into what we are familiar with today. But as this most mysterious of days approaches, there is no better time to have a closer look at what this day used to involve. Some traditions remain remarkably unchanged, some have evolved with the times and under the influence of the church, and some have faded completely from memory.  

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