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Scotch Broth the Highland Way!

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Can there be a more satisfying one pot meal than a thick and steaming bowl of Scotch Broth. For Highlanders over a certain age this would have been a staple which varied, depending on what was available in the garden or what meat was available. Recipes vary enormously around the country but my mums is still obviously the best I’ve ever tasted.  

An Ancient Michaelmas Tradition by Mary Bauld

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The Eve of St Michael is the eve of bringing in the carrots, of baking the 'struan, of stealing the horses. I first heard of a Bonnach Strùthan as a child.  There are those in South Uist who still prepare the traditional Michalemas cake although perhaps don’t follow all the associated traditions!  If you visit the museum in Kildonan you can see a picture of one that is perhaps more authentic than mine.  

Cairgein (Seaweed) Pudding by Christy Ann Skivington

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Cairgein is a brownish seaweed popular in the Outer Hebrides and the English translation is Carrageen. I was born and brought up in Horisary, North Uist, only a short walk from the sea. Every year as a child I remember the cairgein being collected then dried and bleached outside on a large white sheet. I try each year to collect this seaweed in late summer and prepare it as my mother did before me. Cairgein is available all year round but has to be collected at low tide so traditionally we would collect it in July and August when the very low spring tides made it easier to find.  

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