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Stone Stories of Scotland

Posted by True Highlands in Kit and Caboodle | 1 comments


The stones and rocks that form our landscape us tell us more than just geological tales. Some are like living memorials to a strange part of our history. They tell of myths, legends and ancient traditions, unexplained mysteries and superstition. Here are just a few Scottish stones with stories to tell.  

Forgotten Caves of Scotland: Fairies, Poverty and Murder!

Posted by True Highlands in Kit and Caboodle | 4 comments


Scottish history comes in many forms. There are our mountains, which tell our geological history, our monuments to those fallen in battle and our great buildings. But some of the most curious and forgotten tales of Scottish history emanate from beneath the ground.  

A little taster of St Kilda

Posted by True Highlands in Kit and Caboodle | 5 comments


The highlands has many remote and difficult to access spots, but few capture the imagination quite like the island of St Kilda. A journey to this near-mythical outpost, 40 miles into the Atlantic, is akin to approaching the edge of the world as well as stepping back in time. What is it that captivates us about this barren and isolated outcrop of rock, barely visible from the civilisation of North Uist?  

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