A very warm welcome to our site and we are delighted you have found us!

We are a team of three and are based in the heart of the Highlands, have many years’ experience between us in the tourism industry, and know the Highlands and Islands well and we even have a climbing and mountaineering expert in the office!  You can meet the team further down the page.

Our intention with this site is that you enjoy your stay in the Highlands and Islands. That you experience what it is truly like. That you leave wanting more. We are committed to providing you with correct and up to date information, interesting facts and most of all helping you to have fun! Holidays and day trips are a fabulous experience and we want to put the fun back into sourcing information.

Do check out our blog and if you are on Facebook, we update daily with a wide variety of photos, facts and fun! But most of all – enjoy your stay, take lots of photos, share your experiences and please return. We have lots more to come – this is just the beginning of the True Highlands Experience!

In July 2017, our Facebook page was identified by Facebook themselves as being exceptional. To say we were proud to be picked up from millions of users is an understatement! If you’d like to, you can read the interview and you will find out a little more of how True Highlands came to be.

If you wish to become a part of our experience, please get in touch and we will get right back to you!


Meet the Team


Catherine Bentley

Catherine started True Highlands back in October 2014 (because 2 children and 2 other jobs just isn’t enough!) and grew the social media following to 5000 within 5 weeks.  Catherine’s skills are in the social media marketing and this is key to promoting our fabulous members.  Catherine lives on the Black Isle with her twins and runs another business Catherine Bentley Social Media Marketing. She prefers to train people as she is a believer that small businesses should be promoting what they know best, rather than paying someone who doesn’t know their business.  #Smallbiz rules!

In her spare time (hahahaha!) Catherine enjoys days out with the kids across the Highlands and getting together with her family in Ullapool.  Often found scoffing a haddock wrap at the Seafood Shack and enjoying an ice cream from Gelato, days off are a rare treat to be treasured.


Katie Fenton

The newest addition to the True Highland’s team, Katie’s expertise lies in her website skills and general techie knowledge.  Katie runs another couple of businesses from her home in Grantown on Spey in the Cairngorms National Park; twofentons which alongside her husband Gavin offers web development and search engine optimisation to a large number of customers throughout the UK.  She also owns and runs a self catering studio apartment Snug in Grantown which is her retirement plan, even if that is a fair few years and a lot of cleaning off yet!

Katie loves the sea!  You’ll find her on her days off heading to the coast and going for a paddle regardless of the Scottish weather.  As she will be the first to admit she’s not the fittest of souls so the more rugged outdoorsy type of activities are not really her thing, but long walks usually to find a good place for some fresh Scottish seafood or a home baked treat are definitely on her agenda.


Robyn Shilland

Robyn is a nature and landscape lover, with an interest in everything that lives in the mountains, forests and (especially) seas of Scotland.  She is a biologist by training, and has a passion for the conservation of Scotland’s wildlife and environment.

When she’s not working, Robyn can usually be found out on the hills, exploring the fantastic mountains that we have here.  She also enjoys diving, climbing, wild swimming and camping.