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Social Media Etiquette – Play Nicely!

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Whilst some minorities have become far more vocal on social media in terms of being moaning Minnies, it seems businesses have become more frightened to answer back in case they upset someone.  Well we aren’t. This is a piece of writing intended to give some suggestions on social media etiquette as well as a few tips for businesses on how to protect their brand and deal with the few negative Normans (apologies to anyone called Norman – I’m sure you’re very nice!).  

Pirates of the Hebridean

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Trace your finger over a map of the Hebrides and the old Gaelic names will tell you a story.  They are but one reminder of our rich and bloody maritime past. For example, the original name for Longay Island off Skye is Long Spùinnidh - Pirate Ship, while the hidden natural harbour on the west coast of Rona is known as Port nan Robaireann or Harbour of the Thieves. The swashbuckling tales from these islands could rival any Hollywood movie for colourful villains, robbery, betrayal and buried treasure.  

My first hike up Ben A’an, Trossachs

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Since delving head first into my photography at the start of this year, obsessing over learning my way around my camera, I’ve had my sights set on Ben A’an.  

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