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Your #HighlandHighlights w/e 26 June 2015

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As the weather starts to brighten up we are looking forward to lots of submissions for our weekly #HighlandHighlights of your colourful summer holidays in the Highlands! Post to page on Facebook, Tweet us or email it to hello@truehighlands.com Enjoy this weeks selection!  

Traditional Scotch Pancake Recipe (or drop scone)

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My first memories of scotch pancakes, was rolling up at the holiday caravan (after a 10 hour drive) on the Ardnamurchan peninsula and the farmer’s wife taking us into the farmhouse kitchen and feeding us until we burst!  

Your #HighlandHighlights for w/e 19 June 2015

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Another amazing selection for you this week and a big thank you to everyone who sends in photos via our Facebook page. As we've said before, we don't just choose the most "professional" looking photos, we choose the ones which represent the True Highlands and Islands. And we have an extra this week as the True Highlands Auntie Celia turned 80! Enjoy!  

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