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Traditional Scotch Pancake Recipe (or drop scone)

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My first memories of scotch pancakes, was rolling up at the holiday caravan (after a 10 hour drive) on the Ardnamurchan peninsula and the farmer’s wife taking us into the farmhouse kitchen and feeding us until we burst!  

Picnic Season Hints and Tips

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Picnic season has started, so this weeks blog covers not only the essential food for a good old fashioned picnic, but also a few suggestions of where you could go.  

Crofting Life in Gairloch in the 19th Century

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For many years Gairloch’s cottars, tenant farmers, and their families lived in crudely-built one-roomed houses, with a byre for the animals attached to one end. These houses were grouped together in small settlements. Strips of land, in the ‘runrig’ system were worked for cultivation and were re-allocated every year to share out the good and less good soil. Thus there was no incentive for anyone to improve his share of the land because he would not be working it in the following year.  

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