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A Buttery Delight! by Norman Harper

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For those of you who don’t know the culinary traditions of North-east Scotland, the buttery, also known as a rowie, is an individually sized flat bread made of flour, yeast, salt and a huge amount of whipped lard. It is eaten usually at breakfast. Some consumers, with little regard for their hearts, spread this already highly calorific treat with liberal smears of butter, often topped with jam or cheese.  

Your #HighlandHighlights w/e 22 May 2015

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Another round up of your photos on Facebook this week have come down to these 10 - but my goodness what a hard decision! Keep your photos coming and you may be featured next!  

Beachcombing in the Highlands & Islands

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The Highlands & Islands are blessed with some of the best beaches in the world. Some keep coming back for the amazing views, to play with their children, walk their dogs or to go fishing, but for a small group of enthusiasts it’s the beachcombing that is the major attraction.  

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