You come to the Highlands and Islands because you want to experience all it has to offer. This page is about all things made right here. Potteries, artists, weavers and gift shops – real gifts from the real Scotland. And at the same time, you will be supporting the local economy. Not a warehouse in sight – just quality craftsmanship!


A’Nead Knitwear (Online Only) – Hand Knitwear– Isle of Eigg

A’Nead Hand Knitwear produces unique cobweb lace on the Isle of Eigg, Scotland. Scarves, shawls, wraps, stoles and cobweb fingerless gloves are hand knitted using traditional Shetland lace or Estonian lace patterns. The colours are inspired by the beautiful landscape of Eigg and the west coast of Scotland. Most pieces are a wool and silk blend, but sometimes some angora is added, or pure wool is used. The addition of silk adds a lustre to the finished item as well as adding strength, so, in spite of appearing very delicate, this lace is produced to last and hopefully be passed down the generations.

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Bridal shawls can be square, round or hexagonal and can also have a ‘tartan’ border to link to the groom’s kilt, if he will be wearing one at the wedding. Cobweb scarves can be the traditional straight scarf, or a leaf scarf which has tapered ends and is extremely versatile and suitable for cold or warm weather, whilst cobweb fingerless gloves can add a finishing touch to that elegant outfit.

Each project is unique and bespoke orders are welcome. As environmental and ethical issues are important to A’Nead Hand Knitwear, every effort is made to limit the impact on the environment during production.

Easdale Dennis Hardley

Dennis Hardley Photography – Scotland and beyond! Based in Oban

Dennis Hardley is a photographer of exceptional talent. He produces the most amazing photos which you can buy online in prints of various sizes. From castles and beaches, to wildlife and boats, he mainly concentrates on Scotland, but you will find Blackpool donkeys and Liverpool cathedrals in there too!

t: +44 (0)1631 720434 | w: Website
e: info@scotphoto.com | Facebook | Twitter

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With over 40,000 stock photos you are guaranteed to find the perfect print. Whether it’s for yourself or a present for someone else, the search function makes it easy to find just what you want. Alternatively, lose a few hours looking through – once you start you won’t want to stop! With prints starting at just £12 for an A4, treating yourself or others has never been easier or more affordable. Get your own little piece of Scotland!