If you are looking at this section, we can only assume you’re thinking of getting married – Congratulations!

Getting married in Scotland is a wonderful experience and unlike the rest of the UK, you can get married almost anywhere! On a beach, in a lighthouse, at a castle, under water, on top of a hill – the only restriction is your imagination – and whether the celebrant is happy to hike or don a wet suit of course!

Whether you want a religious, civil or humanist wedding, there are forms to be completed via the Registrar’s Office. Everything you could possibly need to know can be found here: Getting Married in Scotland

Whatever form your happy day takes, be it a church, a private house or castle or an unusual location, you will require the use of some wedding service professionals.  We are bringing together a selection of suppliers to make your arrangements as stress-free as possible. Book a large house and have them arrange everything or personalise every step – the choice is yours. (It’s not a legal necessity for the groom to wear a kilt – but if he does – it is definitely the done thing to be a “True Scotsman”!

We hope you have the most amazing day (post a photo on our Facebook page!) and why not check out some of our accommodation for the honeymoon!


Getting Married in Scotland – Alternative & Traditional Weddings – Scotland

To marry in Scotland gives you a unique choice of ceremony locations and style options unlike possibly anywhere else in the world!  Not only is Scotland the most beautiful country with stunning landscapes and historic places but you have more flexibility available to you for the officiant and content of your ceremony than anywhere else in the UK and many places overseas.

As an independent celebrant and ‘Minister for People’ Angie can create and hold a meaningful ceremony which will reflect who you are as a couple.

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Angie offers you the freedom to celebrate your love and union in a personal ceremony be that religious, spiritual, mixed faith, inclusive, humanist or non-religious, the main thing is that you can choose every aspect of your ceremony from ritual to vows.  She offers legal weddings and handfastings, vow renewals, betrothals, wedding blessings, anniversary blessings, or a joint wedding with a christening or baby naming.

Drop Angie a line to check out your date or give her a call to have a no obligation chat about your initial ideas and hopes for your special ceremony and celebration – she offers several different options suitable for weddings for two all the way up to two hundred guests or more.  She’s happy to travel wherever you invite her to go, or if you’d like to travel to her she can give you advice on where to have a ceremony and where to stay.


Neil Lynch – Humanist Celebrant for Weddings & More – Highlands

People choose a Humanist ceremony for many different reasons. Neil’s non-religious ceremonies are a real celebration. Every ceremony is unique and personally crafted by him, to meaningfully and joyfully reflect the life of who the ceremony is for. Humanists find meaning, beauty, and joy in the one life we have, without the need for an afterlife.

Whether it’s a renewal of vows, a wedding or civil partnership, baby naming or even a funeral. Neil guarantees that it will be personal to you and exactly what you want and how you want it. You can choose words that are tried and tested, or make up your own to reflect your own hopes and dreams.

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Neil can travel anywhere in the Highlands and will discuss with you what it is you feel you want to convey with your ceremony. Where you have it is also up to you as you can marry anywhere in Scotland, with a willing celebrant! Marry in a hot air balloon, on a beach or in an old ruined chapel…. The choice is yours.