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Scottish Halloween Traditions

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Scotland has a rich and varied Halloween tradition. Over the years, traditional pagan rituals have largely been forgotten or adapted by the Christian church, into what we are familiar with today. But as this most mysterious of days approaches, there is no better time to have a closer look at what this day used to involve. Some traditions remain remarkably unchanged, some have evolved with the times and under the influence of the church, and some have faded completely from memory.  

Scotlands Shipwrecks and Salvage

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The shipwrecks of the Highlands can tell us a lot about our history, they are reminders of the sacrifices made in wartime, the alliances made in peacetime, the industry of poor coastal communities, of piracy and the international trading throughout the centuries.  

14 Ways to Get Wet this Summer!

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The Highlands have some of the best locations and facilities for watersports anywhere in the world. Our beaches, lochs and rivers offer tremendous opportunities for you to try an incredibly diverse number of activities. Here are just a few suggestions for different ways for you to get wet on your summer holiday this year.  

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