There are no end of stunning beaches and lochs to be seen across the Highlands and Islands. Many are easily accessed but some will require a sturdy pair of walking boots! Whether fishing, swimming or relaxing with a book, bear in mind that the Scottish weather can change in the blink of an eye, so a backpack with towel, waterproof and sun cream should cover all bases!



The isolation, dunes and stunning rock formations on this, the most westerly point on the British mainland make it worth the 30 mile drive along single track road to get here.

Mingary Bay

A great place to visit on the Ardnamurchan peninsula, enjoy a short walk to Mingary Castle and to a lovely rocky shoreline and shingle beach. Look out for diving ducks, cormorants and otters in the sheltered bays, and white-tailed, golden eagle and buzzard overhead.



Calgary beach is located 5 miles from the village of Dervaig and is served by a small car parking area and public toilets. It is not an official campsite but there is a designated area for short stay wild camping in tents. A shop and Gallery are reached by a 10 minute walk through the Calgary Art in Nature Woodland.

Black Beach

The Black Beach is one of the island’s less known beaches so you can be almost guaranteed to have it to yourself. It can be found in a secluded spot on the west coast of Mull, not far from Torloisk.



Uisken is famous for it’s Beach Games day in August, there are assorted events on the sand and a race around the bay on home-made rafts. The views from the gently sloping beach out to Colonsay and the Paps of Jura are amazing.

Kentra Bay

For a somewhat different beach experience it is worth the walk to get to the singing sands at Kentra Bay. The sand has exactly the right diameter grains and composition to generate a strange low frequency hum when you shuffle your feet.